reasons deserve exemption 2941

  • Hi all
    i have an issue: :roll:
    we got a guidelines from entity through procedure, kind of documentation, with binding characters. but for some cases, we cannot ensure the implementation of these guidelines, such as we do not have kind activities due to the type of our business, customer refuse that guidelines, legal discrapency…etc actualy i would be thankful if you can add to my list others reasons.
    but my current problem is while some dept deal with our not applicable reason, others, as internal control risk don’t. for them, just legal reason deserve to flag a process as ’ not applicable’.
    my concern is that i do not accept that just legal reason justify the not applicability, but i do not see it wise to establish a process, activity just to answer to one guideline while it isn’t even required by our activity. or it is excluded by our contract customer type. as instance, why do we have to implement a process for joint venture, merging blabla while our curstomer requirement do not require or accept kind of relationship. does the kind of business contract aren’t enough to establish the not applicability of this guidelines.
    thanks for feedback

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