SOX Business Analysts Houston and Charlotte 83

  • Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2004 4:28 am Post subject: SOX Business Analysts Houston and Charlotte. 6 Months contract.

    Below is a detail job description:
    7-10 yrs. Business Experience
    Fluent and Articulate English
    IT audit experience, general controls experience.
    Good Process mapping skills
    Proficient in Visio
    Good interviewing and writing skills
    Knowledge of accounting processes and systems is helpful.
    Knowledge of controls in manual processes and systems
    Exposure/knowledge of industry, O_and_G, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing
    Need to have experience with Sarbanes Oxley for IT Audit.
    If they don’t have Sarbanes Oxley on their resume, but have COSO (committee of sponsoring organizations) or COBIT (control objectives for information and related technologies) then they could be a fit.
    Basically look for people who have good technical documentation, visio skills and audit background.
    Please contact Sean Doyle at 972-930-9804 or email resume to

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