Past Nepal and Present Nepal

  • There are three Durbar Squares in Nepal, each of which records local life and is a microcosm of Nepalese life.

    Kathmandu Durbar Square
    There are many historic buildings, exquisite carvings and mysterious temples that make people linger in Durbar Square of Nepal. The historical atmosphere of Nepal is blowing; but the motorcycles whizzing past, the small traders and hawkers setting up stalls everywhere, the figures resting everywhere, the children playing football, the crowd of pigeons, and the cows, sheep, dogs, cats Stars, etc., made Durbar Square lively like a big market.

    Patan Durbar Square
    The legend of Patan originates from the distant glacial lake of Gosa Inconda, regarded as holy water. Citizens often come to bathe in order to be holy. The king ordered that many statues of gods such as Narayan and Ganesha be erected by the water tank beside the temple and in the courtyard of the temple. The Buddha statues in the center of the city and the surrounding Bodhisattva statues are all bronze art treasures. There are also many bronze statues, stone statues and Buddhist altars covered with pictures in the temple. People entering the temple are like entering the art library.

    Bhaktapur Durbar Square
    Many years ago, Nepalese bought wool, medicinal materials, salt from Tibet, or the best handmade products from the Middle East and Europe, and they would stop and rest in Badgang for a period of time. Badgang Durbar Square is the widest and cleanest of the three famous Durbar Squares. Apart from the countless temples, the most attractive thing here is the rich life atmosphere of the local people. There will be a market here in the morning, usually starting around 6:00.

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