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  • I got my MBA in Accounting in May 2004. I am pursing my Auditing career. I am working for one consulting Co. but they are keep getting postponed my Sox training from the last one and half month. Still at least for a month they are not going to start my training. I want to get involved in small one or one and half month of Sox project. If anybody needs any help in SOX project please email me at I am willing to work as a volunteer if it’s near by Parsippany New Jersey or if it’s at distance like NY City I might charge only transportation expenses.

  • Bijal, you sound like an intelligent, very well education professional.
    Volunteering is gracious but you need to find out why your company keeps delaying. Also, read up on conferences, training, et al on this site. There’s something coming up in April in Boston. There’s a company called Man Sim (Manual Simulation) and they’re going to be going through a SOX audit using all equipment, programs, etc. It’s 3 days, 10 hours a day and it costs USD2K.
    Also, there’s a SOX monthly publication that runs USD175 a year, if your employer doesn’t already subscribe.
    I’d also recommend get your CISA and or CISM certificates. These, along with a CPA, seemed to be standard for the SOX industry.
    COSO is an organisation which has produced a framework (i.e. methodology) on internal control that has been in existence for approx. 20 years. This framework is specifically referenced by the SOX rules - it basically says that a Company in evaluating its system of internal control should use a suitable framework, such as COSO - hence COSO is the de facto standard.
    SOX requires that a company has control over their financial statements, their disclosures and the processes related to those. Therefore you need a functioning control environment.
    SOX suggests that you implement COSO and for IT purposes a reduced CoBIT. There is a PDF on ISACA’s / ITGI’s website called IT Control Objectives for Sarbanes-Oxley.
    When I began a SOX consulting gig two months ago, I did a search on Sarbanes Oxley that returned 747,000 hits. I’ve gone page by page and have learned a tremendous amount thus far. Big Fours’ sites offer PDF downloads as do numerous other sites. also has info on its site as does the SEC.
    Read this sites forum daily, I’ve pulled down dozens of pages and learn something new every day. Denis and George are SOX G*ds and many others offer new and valuable info on a daily basis.
    Best of success to you, Bijal.

  • Hi Ross,
    Very nice of you to share your approach with SOXA from a learning stand point. But as long as you do not directly involved on the front line, it still remains theory.
    About the SOXA magazine, have you subscribed? Good?
    Can I have the references?
    thanks a lot

  • Thanks Ross,
    I have enough material on SOX. Also i pulled it out some web sites that you suggested to me. i got some from those web sites too. Thanks for that. I have gone through most of them; just i need to apply them in real life project. That’s why i am looking for any project. Also a guy who was going to give us training he is stuck in another project in Canada. Please let me know if you have any other suggestion for me.

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