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  • Hi all.
    Have looked through many posts and see that most are concerned with bigger things, but I am only responsible for the control documents. Just that. The docs that spell out what controls we have in place. I have them in Excel right now but am not overjoyed with the formatting/design. Tried Access but my descriptions exceed the 250 characters per field limitation.
    My fields include such items as Process Definition, Process Owner, Triggers, Risks, COBIT, Ctrl No., Documented Controls, Functional Area, Responsibility, Assertions, Frequency, Prevent/Detect, Auto/Manual…
    Am looking for Excel or Access templates that go beyond normal. If this sounds familiar and you found a spiffy way to organize the info, I’d love to hear from you.

  • Change your fields from Text to memo. Up to 65,000 characters.

  • Keep it simple. Make your controls easy to understand.
    A spreadsheet is fine. Plenty of templates on the net. Make sure your controls reflect real threats and not perceived ones.

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