Data Migration 645

  • Expert opinion required please
    When moving to a new IT system, what if any, are the sox implications associated with the data migration process?
    The migrating of data will include some data manipulation which will be conducted by IT staff. The new solution will obviously have to go through user acceptance, but this cannot check every piece of data.

  • Presumably, this is going to be financial data that is being moved around. Otherwise, it really wouldn’t be scrutinized as part of SOX.
    So, in addition to, or as part of UAT, you’ll need to run reconcilliation reports from the old system and the new, with a signoff by some responsible person in the business unit (finance/accounting) and keep that documentation. You need to think about the ‘what could go wrongs’ with this process and document the highlights and what you’ve done to mitigate them from being a problem. Most of that should be part of UAT anyway.

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