Can SOX work be outsourced? 661

  • I am a former EE investigating getting some new education to lead to an CPA and maybe an audit career. After being burned once on my career choice due to outsourcing, I want to make sure that I am not getting into the same situation again. Any comments? By Outsourcing I mean moving the function offshore, not to a third party in the US.

  • At this point in the game the choice of outsourcing SOX work to another country is simply OUT OF THE QUESTION. Many of the sox engagement opportunities have been sucked up by the ‘big four’ but with so many engagement in the US alone, many traditional accounting firms have decided to get into the action.

  • Jeff, thanks for the response. But I find it somewhat hard to believe with Indian Chartered Accountants and everyone in India looking to migrate. I may be wrong, but in a cursory inspection of this website I found a number of these people asking just that. You can’t stop a billion people who want to work.

  • Is there some specific reason that the work can’t be outsourced? For example, is there a law that requires this work to be done onsite? Or is there a requirement not to remove certain papers from the place of business?

  • I do not see outsourcing as an option simply because this is a very hands-on project. You have to deal one on one with the process owners to document the processes as well as do the testing.

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