SOX Prof. Available (Prefer projects in Dallas, TX) 1038

  • I am a season professional with more than 5 SOX (404) project completed in the US and Latin America. Looking for my next project in Dallas.
    SOX Industries tested: Oil and GAS (Mainstream)
    Financial Services - (Transportation)
    Professional Services
    Conglometer (lubricant, health care)
    Available : 10/1/2005
    if interested please contact me ASAP.

  • what is your email address?

  • e-mail is :

  • Greetings Eddie.
    By now you’ve not doubt noticed the employment opportunity email that
    pre-dated your own.
    I’d also like to recommend that you reach out to an Atlanta recruiting firm
    called FinAcc Solutions. The contact there is Ms. Shirley Cunningham.
    Her telephone number is: 404-422-4217.
    She’s a consummate professional. She placed me this year.
    Please feel free to let her know that Ross Greenberg referred you.
    I wish you the best of success. 🙂
    Ross Greenberg
    SOX Consultant

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