Can I move to SOX ? 1044

  • Hey Guyz,
    I have 2 years of IT experience wherein I have worked as QA Analyst and BA. I don t have any background in Audit or anything that SOX would require. I am considering to change my career to SOX. Is this move advisable ?
    I have the least knowledge about SOX, but lately I have been hearing a lot about it that am getting much more curious. I might sound stupid but I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot at all. Can someone tell me the future of SOX too.
    So Please Advice. 😄

  • 2 yrs sounds a little low.

  • SOXGA,
    You can definitely get into it. There are a million websites offering basic knowledge of Sox. I just graduated college in May and I am currently working for a large company in their internal audit department. I work extensively with Sox and my experience previously was an audit course in college where we read the Sarbanes Oxley Act. Yes, read it, that was it. I think I’m doing a pretty good job here too.
    Good luck.

  • jason, what course did you take?

  • It was a general Auditing course as part of the accounting curriculum…I think it was a 400 level class, but it was pretty much an overview of auditing. Depending on what schools you look at, some have more in depth looks at auditing, i.e. schools that have an auditing concentration within their accounting dept. My school did not have this concentration.

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