European SOX Consultant (Chartered Accountant (CPA)) 1381

  • I have been based in Germany since 1992. I am a mother- tongue English- speaker with mother- tongue- level German language skills. I have been involved in SOX work in UK, Germany and Switzerland since April 2004.
    Do you have a requirement for SOX expertise for your European subsidiaries? Thru my uninterrupted involvement in the SOX marketplace in Europe, managing teams of up to 6 people, I have also assembled a pool of reliable contacts from which I can build a team, so I am capable of taking on multi- consultant/ multi- location projects or working alone. We do not have the overhead of the ‘boutique’ SOX consultancies and share this advantage with our clients.
    If you have any interest in discussing your SOX requirement with me or learning more about my track- record
    -post a message to this board
    or preferably
    email me at
    or call me on 49 170 380 3979
    Thanks for your interest.
    Paul Reichel F.C.A.

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