External Auditor Fees 1635

  • In theory the external auditor fees for 2005 were supposed to be lower than those for 2004. Basically, given that the companies and auditors had given a big step ahead in the learning curve we’d be able to test more rationally and efficiently. The very unscientific estimate was that the decrease in external auditor fees would be of around 30%. The hard fact for us was that our Big 4 auditor invoice for 05 was 30% higher that the 04 one.%0AThe question is, how did you guy fare in that matter? We’re about to start negotiating with the firm for the 2006 fees and would like to know if the increase was across the board or if they are taking advantage of us.%0ANow that I’m on this subject, does anyone know of a reliable source to obtain information regarding external auditor fees? Maybe because these companies are private, but I have not found any information disclosing their SOX related revenues.

  • This is an excellent poll question 🙂
    P.S. Hopefully, the Federal Reserve won’t find this post … They’ll never stop raising interest rates, as there are definite signs of inflation here 😉

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