SOX Testing Policy and Proceedure Consultant needed - D.C. 1667

  • We have a large financial client who asked us to assist them regarding Sox Testing Policy and Proceedure.
    They want us to provide them someone who will be responsible for ensuring their Testing Policy and Proceedure are in line with SOX.
    They have two legacy systems and their technical teams will provide our SOX cousultant with evidence that they are compliant from a policy and procedures standpoint.
    We need to provide a person that can take the clients evidence and match it up with the actual policies and procedures handed down from the SOX teams and make sure they are in compliance.
    Our client is viewed as being behind in this case and will need someone at least through the end of the year. They will be needed much longer in my opinion, but we need someone to come in and prove their worth. They have to ramp-up quickly.
    They have to be able to communicate verbally and in writing very well.
    Pay is USD50 - USD60 p/h.
    Please send resume to

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