Impact of Sox on the staff people 1776

  • Hello everybody,
    Sorry by advance for my bad english
    I have got a question regarding the impact of Sox on the staff people.
    My entreprise is in France and, situation here is that people has got more and more audit and control to do in a really short time, the entreprise make good benefit …but no more people…hum strange…
    I want to know if legally the entreprise must employ more people to do all that enormous work? Or any other idea regarding that ??
    Thank’s by advance for your answers.

  • Hi and welcome to the forums 🙂
    This thread might provide some ideas on what’s required to get started with SOX compliancy:
    Achieving SOX compliancy will most likely require more people and costs. However, if you plan this well, research requirements, obtain training, and have good practices already in place – these factors will help you considerably.

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