Compression affect compliance? 1795

  • I am an IT administrator of a medium sized company in the UK. I am looking to compress email attachements (Images mainly) using standard jpeg compression and perhaps re-size. Will this sort of procedure have any implications? How does it relate to complaince and the Sarbanes Oxly Act. I appreciate your help, thanks

  • Will this sort of procedure have any implications?
    No. Not for SOX.
    Not even if you were US public company.

  • Hi and welcome to the forums 🙂 … I also agree with Denis.
    A couple of additional ideas:

    1. I’d make certain that timestamp info or the text portion of the email is retained in it’s original state. Most likely, you’ve already tested for this.
    2. Briefly cover this with Audit to get their blessings on the process
      Good luck and hope that you’re able to free up some return on disk space through this process.

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