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  • The following newly-created position has become immediately available for those of you who are interested in or know someone who is interested in a permanent position in Tax. SOX requirements require more SOD, and thus, this position.
    Affordable Residential Communities Inc
    Job Description
    Department: Accounting
    Job Title: Tax Supervisor
    Reports to: VP Tax
    Job Level: Professional
    Job DescriQtion
    The Tax Supervisor will be responsible for the following:
    Preparation of the consolidated FAS 109 quarterly
    Preparation of the consolidated federal tax return annually
    Review of all state and local tax filings
    Review of all sales tax filings
    Assist in the annual audit and quarterly reviews by outside auditors
    Reauired Skills
    Excellent written and oral communication skills with all areas of the comD. anv >
    Good communication skills with accounting, operations, IT and management
    Detail oriented with good problem solving skills
    Excellent understanding of accounting processes and GAAP
    EducationalNVork Ex~erienceS kills
    Four year college degree
    Corporate tax experience minimum of 4 years
    FAS 109 preparation and review experience
    Multistate corporate tax experience
    Additional Experience if possible:
    Masters Degree in Taxation
    Public company experience
    Propertylcasualty insurance company tax experience

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