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  • Would anyone help me out in determining the best approach to get in the internal audit jobs vis-a-vis sox compliant positions. I am a CPA and working in an industry for more than 10years. If I apply for SOX positions they look into my internal audits experience.
    Would CISA or CIIA courses help me to get into?

  • Hi SoxPath and welcome to the forums 🙂 You definitely have a lot of things in your favor, with 10 years of professional experience and your CPA designation.
    Some ideas that might help include:

    1. Become familiar with SOX, COSO, and COBIT … Some very general ideas are noted in the thread below and as an IT professional working for a SOX compliant organization, I use these forums as a source of free education:
    2. While this focuses on Project Management, many of the concepts can help with any profession in getting those lucky breaks needed to land a job.
      Career Planning Tips
      Please add www and paste to browser for this link outside the forums
    3. If you have any SOX experience, highlight it as a skill set and objective as you explore some of the ideas on resumes and cover letters noted in point #2 above
    4. If you can take any related courses associated with SOX that can be helpful.
    5. There are SOX professional certifications (although they are relatively new, unknown to many, and not in demand which you look at dice or monster)

  • Hi,
    Since you are already a CPA, a CISA would provide more incremental benefit than a CPA, especially if your long term objective is to focus on SOX. Additionally, the market outlook isstrong in the near term and will be in the long term for audit professionals with a solid understanding of IT business controls.
    It might also be a good idea to highlight your understanding and applied knowledge of risk management strategies from the experiences gained as an internal auditor.
    Good luck,

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