SOX Problematic: please HELP 1889

  • Hi everyone,
    As I need to do a dissertation about SOX, I try to find what could be an interesting question to address. I’m also an intern in a us Company in Brussels (EU) Becton Dickinson as an internal auditor Sarbanes oxley.
    The topics would be: has the non compliance for small and medium size companies an impact on financial markets?
    or otherwise: Can we say that the S_and_M size companies shareholders’s pressure alter the management strategy as part of the SOA?
    I don’t thing this theme has been tackled many times…
    But I’m still not sure about the relevance of these questions//
    Please I do request your help, and if someone has any tips or ideas to give me, this would be welcomed.
    I’d like to deal with SOX in a interesting way and exhibit some unknown sides of Sox.
    Many thanks
    Arnaud Lellouche
    Paris, Business School

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