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  • Hi everybody,
    It’d be great to know the levels of salary of SOX implementators worldwide. Please be open to share your experience.
    Telecoms: General SOX - net USD 800-2500 per month
    IT SOX - net USD 1200-3000 per month
    Industry: General SOX - net USD 1500-3000 per month
    IT SOX - net USD 1700-3000 per month

  • Hi,
    The costs in connection with implementing SOX in the USA vary significantly based on region, size of company, industry, and generally, the salaries are based on market factors.
    Certainly, the average SOX implementation costs are much higher in the USA than the amounts that you provided for your country. There is also a significant difference in the resource costs of implementing SOX when using an outside consultant versus using internal resources (Internal Audit Services, SOX Project Team, etc.)
    Finally, developing SOX documentation is generally more costly than conducting SOX testing. Again, these costs vary greatly depending on whether a company uses an outside consultant or internal staffing.
    For comparative purposes, I have seen billable rates of USD70/hr. for SOX assistance to perform SOX testing. The rate to develop SOX documentation might reach USD125/hr. also when using an outside consultant.
    However, when SOX testing is done internally, the hourly rate can be reduced from USD30-USD40/hr. if competent resources are available in the area.
    To conclude, the rates in the US are significantly higher than in Kiev and the annual equivalents are as follows:
    Outside Consultant - USD60-USD125/hr. Annualized - USD120,000 - USD250,000 yr.
    Internal Resource - USD50,000 to USD150,000 yr.
    Hope this helps,

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