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  • A friend recently introduced an SOX 404 internal auditor position to me in a new Nasdaq listed company. The job is to help its CFO in setting up the internal audit department.
    I have always been considering changing my job from accounting firm to commerical companies. I think this is quite a good chance and would like to have a try.
    But first I would like to know where should I start if I accept the offer, any good suggestions?
    SOX is an area I have never touched upon before. My current thought on SOX is it is actually the control testing part of the audit procedures. Is there any significant difference between these two?
    Waiting for your suggestions.
    BTW, if you have any books or websites suitable for new starters, please tell me.

  • Hi and welcome to the forums πŸ™‚
    As a starting point, the threads found here are actually my favorite source of learning – as they offer practical guidance and real world examples. In particular, the IT forum is recommended for SOX 404 related needs
    Secondly, from an IT perspective, many external auditors use COBIT 4 standards to gauge SOX 404 compliancy and this document is available as a free download.
    Free copy of COBIT 4 by registering

  • thanks harrywaldron. I am trying to learn more on SOX. BTW, i have been recruited by the company, and will be on board in early November. SOX sources in China are very rare but i am trying to get in touch with people working on this area in China. The company (suppose it is called ABC) has hired a consulting firm to set up the internal control procedures. Flowchart and narrative documentations have been finished by the consulting firm. Since ABC has transformed itself from a private company to a public traded one, there are definitely many areas that need improvement. I am actually worried that i might not be competent enough to work on the position. Someone i met in chatroom said the job is indeed quite challenging for a new starter but also suggested my having a try. I have been working in the audit department of a big four firm in China for three years. Most of the projects i worked on focused mainly on the figures since we mostly adopted substantive approach. I would be grateful if you can share more on my first SOX try. thanks.

  • Hi Xie:
    This link may also help in gaining familiarity with SOX requirements. You’re always welcome to post questions in the forums, as you work toward meeting these requirements for your company πŸ™‚
    What is SOX, COSO, and COBIT?

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