Recurring monthly testing vs interim testing 2253

  • Hi all
    I am in charge of the SOA project at my company and, after suggestion from a team member, we are moving from interim testing prior to year end, to a recurring monthly testing process instead.
    I was wondering if anyone had made such changes and can comment on the benefit of regular testing, or whether you already do recurring testing of controls? ie. which is the more common practice?
    Cheers and greetings from Melbourne, Australia.

  • I believe recurring testing can be more effective for several reasons:

    1. It spreads the effort over the year, potentially less impact on peoples workloads
    2. It can give an earlier warnign of potential issues with more time to remediate
    3. It can help embed control i.e. continually reinforcing the correct level of rigour in the control processes
      In my business we run a quarterly process and this works very well.

  • Thanks for the reply Denis. Much appreciated.

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