New SOX model (Working part time and from home) 2321

  • Hi all I am based in Canada and have been on the SOX journey since 2003, covered all the aspects of the project cycle and have a couple of sign offs from the fortune 500 companies under my belt.
    Now that the demand for SOX work is ebbing, companies have developed their internal audit capacities; business owners now own their process documents’’’.
    The question is what do we do with all the SOX experience we have acquired over the years?
    I am developing a business model targeting the small business that need to comply for SOX in 2009 and beyond, so far I have 2 clients I am working on, the niche is the rate I charge which is a competitive rate compared to what is charged by the Big 4 and other Recruitment / Internal audit firms, In additional I bill them approx 25 hours/ week for each client and the best news is that I get to work from home, occasionally visiting the client site.
    What do you guys think? Is this a sustainable business model across North America? Can I invest money in the marketing campaign?

  • Hi Corn,
    I think, it will definitely be a good thing to do. It is definitely a sustainable business model considering that many companies are now in the look out for such services. Since you are ready to offer these services at a competitive rate, I’m sure it will be a worth-while investment.
    Erica Rowlet

  • Although ‘Sox work’ may be on the decline I think there are still a multitude of opportunities out there in the world of Governance, Risk and Compliance e.g.

    • small company SOX as you have mentioned
    • op risk/internal control convergance (for larger companies)
    • internal control efficiency/value add i.e. we got compliant but how do we make it better

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