Enterprise Change Management Software 2451

  • Does anyone have any opinions on commercial ‘ECM’ software? What have you used? How does it work? Do you even utilize ECM requests as part of your strategy?

  • My experience is that the ECM label covers a multitude of sins from Document Management through Web Content Managment to Workflow Management. \Although there are some decent tools out there that do specific things I’ve not seen anything to date that is all encompassing
    What’s your particular need around this?

  • The company I work for uses ECM software to manage changes to code, and new code promotions to testing and production environments. I think the tool sucks, it was internally built. Most of the information collected is just filled in to ‘get it through’ (the request that is). There is a lot of duplicating of information, nobody understands it, and no easy way to access the data stored and run reports and queries on it. I was wondering what was available for the purposes of comparison. I have played around with the idea of a custom application for managing changes to software and data repositories.

  • There are many decent software change and configuration management (to use Forrester’s classification) tools out there and it seems a strange thing to build one in-house :?
    There is a Forrester Wave report from Q2 2007 on this that you might find insightful

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