YOU tell the CFO he no longer has access. 2823

  • One of my major issues I have is communicating effectively to strong willed and relentless CFOs who question every instance WHY they cannot have accounts and/or access to the companies finance systems.
    What did you do or provide to these executives to ease the migration to win their support and ease the strain of change management within their teams.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Wouldn’t this cause Segregation of Duty issues? CFO is signing off on the quarterly certification - to the best of my knowledge the financials are correct. If they had access to the systems they could be changing the financials? Unless they are asking for only view access.
    My thoughts.

  • The segregation of duties argument is good. Ensure that you have a SOD matrix to show your CFO where conflicts exist. Secondly, enlist your external auditor to assist in this communication. Often the auditor will ahve the conversation with the CFO and let him know why certain system access is not proper.

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