Oracle DBA approvals 2824

  • Is it necessary to have a DBA Manager sign off on weekly and monthly audit reports vs the DBAs checking and approving?

  • Hi - SOX 404 itself is silent on these detailed types of decisions. SOX provides flexibility to design control systems that ensure IT Financial systems will not be compromised.
    As I have IT Security experience, below are some reasons why I feel it’s better for the DBAs rather than manager to review these types of logs:
    – DBAs may have more technical expertise than their manager
    – Reviewing detailed logs is a time consuming (esp. when successes are logged on sensitive items)
    – Usually there are numerous Oracle boxes in the server farm, and the work can be better spread out to other individuals
    – Spreading out log reviews to multiple individuals has better assurances it will get done (as log reviews will be prioritized last if other demands surface)
    To me, a better approach is to establish procedures where the DBAs puruse the Oracle logs and bring only the key exceptions to the managers attention.

  • DBA Manager is a person who has all the type of authorities related to database. It is a responsible person for any kind small operation. He has reposibilities which are given below:
    (1) A DBA has responsibility of maintaining a SQL Server.
    (2) He is also define the privilage rules and authorization.
    (3) He is also responsible to mainatain and keep backup of database.
    (4) He also manages data storage,data security and data management.

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