Question on responses to 302 subcertifications 2915

  • Hello All,
    My company is completing the 302 subcertification process for the first time. Based upon your experience, what types of responses for known issues to you tend to receive? (mainly around Human Resources, and IT).
    We are getting a lot of reponses that are potential issues down the road for which additional measures have been taken to mitigate the risk of those issues.
    Thought I’d look to get some examples of the types of responses.
    Trying to decied if the wording on the sub-certification should be edited to only mention compliance to financial policies and procedures.

  • Hi all
    Hi alicia
    me too i would be interested about information relating to this topic. i know that we will have to get it for the first time during next year
    please advice

  • Our process owners perform quarterly self assessments of their control activities. The kinds of responses we typically get on the 302 sub-certifications related to the process owners self-reporting exceptions that they found in their testing. We then evaluate those exceptions and classify them accordingly. Process owners also self report key personnel changes, policy changes, system changes, etc.

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