New to SOX - question about sales and invoice processing 3223

  • Folks,
    Hope some one can clrify this for against what I was told a few years back now.
    I work for an American corp but based in UK doing tech support and selling of spare parts to end customers and also internally to offices around the world. Some thing has come up from a person in our accounts dept (a minion trying to to be the boss) and I want to reply to a snotty email but need to get facts first.
    The main crux was that we have been working to SOX etc for years, but based on what I was led to believe (in a previous company) goes against this statement.
    Basically it is about selling parts to customers / processing orders / invoicing etc.
    If I enter a customers order onto our business sytem set the price etc can I with SOX also invoice this same order? The answer I would give is No based on the info I was previously given in other company.
    Should some one else (accounts dept for example) being responsible for invoicing.
    IE. The same person who enters an order can not invoice the same one?
    Hope that makes sense.

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