Spreadsheet controls 222

  • Hi all
    Our SOX consultants have come up with the following control question:
    ‘Is end-user computing, including spreadsheets and other user-developed programs, documented and regularly reviewed for processing integrity, including their ability to sort, summarise and report accurately?’
    This implies that every spreadsheet we use needs to be fully documented and has a review process attached. It seems to me that this is the consultants defining SOX, becauase in reality this is just ludicrous. I work in Finance and I have about a hundred spreadsheets that I use on a monthly basis. How has everyone else dealt with the issue of user-defined spreadsheets?

  • Though seems ludicrous, inherent risk associated to the use of spreadsheets can be substantial. You will find plenty of news articles associated to error and mishaps related to spreadsheets usage. Thus, controls must be designed and implemented. .

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