Section 207 of SOXA - mandatory rotation of public firms 844

  • Hi there,
    In the section 203 - the act requires the rotation of the principal partner or reviewer is required to be every 5 fiscal years.
    Since the existence of the SOXA, does anyone have been submitted to a partner change and did the audit approach significantly changed due to that?
    On the other hand, by the time SOX act has passed into law, it includes a section 207 related to: Study of mandatory rotation of registered public accounting firms.
    Does anyone know the results of such the study?
    By the text, it should have been release as the dead line should not have been more than 1 year after the enactement date.
    In case the public firms rotation would become a requirement, would you believe that the audit fees setting will be impacted? What could be the change on the fees negociation process?
    Thanks for sharing your suggestions and ideas

  • Angie,
    We had a partner change in the year after SOA was enacted. No change in the audit approach.
    Here is a link to the study on partner rotation from the Comptroller General website -

  • Many thanks.
    Any decision taken since?

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