If general IT staff can be join possible SOX project ? 305

  • Hi , everybody
    I have two question is below here ?

    1. / If to be a SOX project leader is it must be qualify auditor certi
      ( I am a IT manger post , it is need go to apply auditor cerf ? )
    2. / I am just major study on Computer science and just have primary
      principle accounting concept . IF top management assign me to
      be a sox team leader and start to evalute all the Sox need of
      document’s resource and procedure , what is myself to do first ??
    3. / What is Sox must be compilance document should be past to SEC,
      do you have any checklist and the submit these document the
      time prority ?
      If you have any ideas , please give your valueable comment … ???.
      I had got a two books’ ( manager’s guide to the SOX act , how to
      comply with SOX sect 404 ) for help myself. That two book is great
      and more case study for study myself.

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