SecureBoston 2005-Regulations and the Impact on IT Security 760

  • I will be glad to meet some of you in Boston
    SecureBoston 2005 - An (ISC)2 Security Leadership Seminar
    Regulations and the Impact on IT Security
    Boston - June 15, 2005
    My presentation:
    Computer Crime - Law, Digital Evidence and Investigation
    10:45 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.
    Similarities, differences and conflicts between the USA and the EU, both legal and no legal, which affect business operating in the global arena.
    What will be covered: EU Data Protection Directive, Sarbanes Oxley compliance in Europe, Computer Crime and Cyber Crime, resolving conflicts between an organization’s need for information security and the expectations of privacy.

  • I will contact you offline George. May I use your email?

  • Please send me an abstract of your presentation George. Has to do with SOX?

  • Guest, you can use my email. Thank you for your interest.
    Soxworker, thank you for your message. For the abstract please give me your email, I will send it to you.
    In my presentation there are only a few slides about SOX. To the best of my knowledge, the other presentations are not specific to SOX, but have also to do with regulations, compliance issues, and the impact on IT security.

  • Hi
    Anyone knows about a training on SOXA, Fraud or related that would be given around Boston/ New port from August 14 till 23?
    Yes very strict geographically and timely.
    I will be around that dates, but would like to take advantage of my stay in the US to do some things…
    Thanks very much

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