Processes outsourcing issues 1211

  • Hi,
    here is the scenario:
    comapany A has asked company B to make a custom software (Custom Financial Application package). At company A, there are only DBAs and Application users(ofcourse along with network engineers etc). DBAs take care of the database and users work on the app programs. Note that there is no one in the company A who knows anything about the coding of the application. Company B is responsible for the maintenance of the application.
    Now, think of it… one or more of the programmers in company B have introduced malicious code in the application. As a result, 1 penny is secretly taken out of each transaction.
    Given the situation, we have two scenarios:

    1. Application was developed at Company B and then deployed in company A. Techis come regularly to maintain the app.
      2)App was developed in Company A.
      I am looking for your opinion guys. Inputs will be appreciated…
      ‘What ever happens, it always happens for the good’

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