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  • Our current Enterprise Resource management (ERM) system is SAP. Management has identified certain configuration controls as part of SAP but we are not certain if we have all we need. We are looking for any tool or guidance utilized by other companies to identify and assess such configuration controls. Please note that we are NOT referring to general IT controls (e.g. change management, system development life cycle, user access, data back-up, etc.)

  • Hi - You may want to search the forums with the keyword of SAP as it’s been an occasional topic of discussion. As we use different software in our company, I’m less familiar with SAP/SOX requirements, and below are some links that might help. In review of the searches, there’s lots of software products available.

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  • sapsecurityonline website is very very useful for key IT control areas within SAP. Of course, thsi site may not be the best when it comes to IT dependent/ workflow controls. Such controls are tailored to an organization’s requirement and hence cannot be generalized.

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