Self assessement and detailed assessement 2842

  • Hi all
    once again me :lol:
    our admin depts hr, financial, accoun,it EHS, purchase, Supply chain… have been asked to do self assessement and if need detailed assessment for some controls.
    what i’ve notified is that some of my colleague from these depts don’t seems to even understand what is self assessment. does this need a specific training to handle this requirement or they are expected to know how to do it since they are working in admin area?
    thank for help and some useful link to lesson about this topic would be welcome

  • Even if some understand the concept of self-assessment, you should still provide training and examples as to how you expect the self-assessment and reporting to work. If you don’t provide training, you risk having all sorts of responses that may not be what you intended to see or in a format where you cannot easily summarize for reporting to senior management.

  • Hi Kymike
    thanks for feedback
    i 'm agree with you on this
    someone has some interesting video or lesson about this would be welcome

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